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 Sara Bilge Caglar


Welcome to Sara Bilge Caglar's Paintings Website!

Sara is a Universalist, to be sure, but aspects of her Turkish cultural orientation are also visible –often to good advantage.

Her art is poetic; each painting is composed as a courageous poem. Sensuously she shapes her enchanting panoramas and her dramatic personae in vivid lines and effusive colors.

Caglar’s art exudes beauty. There are times when it provides glimpses of an imagined paradise.

Her work has also joy and melismatic sadness.  Her birds, trees, mosques, vessels, shadow theatre characters, dancers, and flowers celebrate nature and life with an exuberance one rarely finds elsewhere in contemporary art.

Ultimately her work is unique, it captivates with visual strategies and psychological thrusts bearing her imprint.


Talat S. Halman

Professor, New York University

Turkey's former Minister of Culture

Turkey's Ambassador for Cultural Affairs